About Me

How I became an Instructor

Before becoming a driving instructor I was involved in teaching and developing people’s skills in school and also as a swimming teacher.  This background has helped me to understand the many different ways people learn and to adapt my teaching methods accordingly.  For instance, some people learn by instruction, some are more visual and need to see what is required to be able to put it into practice and some have to try it, see how it goes and then learn from the outcome, whether it be successful or not. I adapt my teaching and lesson structure accordingly to suit each individual.

I believe learning to drive should be an enjoyable experience and appreciate that most people can initially find it daunting, scary and nerve-wracking. I work with the pupil to put them at ease, and work on confidence building in a calm and positive manner. 

First Aid trained

I am first aid trained so you are in good hands.

Qualified to teach

I am a qualified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

DBS Checked

I have been verified to teach pupils to drive.